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Organic lemon biscuits
These biscuits are made with wheat flour and small spelt from Haute Provence. Subtly scented with essential oil of lemon, these Mediterranean biscuits will fill all your delicacies.
Organic Breton Palets
This round crusty biscuit takes its name from a game that has been played in Bretagne for ages with small discs of stone or wood called "palets".
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat salted butter shortbread cookies
The simplest and perhaps the most delicious? It's up to you to judge by tasting these wonderful salted butter shortbread cookies. Just like that, just for fun. Organic and gluten free.
Organic thin galettes from Bretagne
These organic thin patties are made with pure organic ingredients, made with the same recipe for centuries. Made in Bretagne (near the Atlantic Sea), they will exquisitely accompany tea or coffee.
Organic orange blossom biscuits
Lightly sanded, these organic biscuits owe their delicate flavor to orange blossom. Quality ingredients give them a unique texture that will delight all gourmands. To enjoy at any time of the day!
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat cinnamon shortbread cookies
The cinnamon shortbread warms the taste buds with its delicately spicy flavor, reminiscent of Christmas sweets. Moreover, it is star-shaped. It's a crisp and authentic pleasure in any season.
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat sesame and figs biscuits
This biscuit combines buckwheat with crispy sesame and the sweetness of figs for a little happiness as crisp as greedy. No added sugar, no egg, it is irresistible. And always organic and gluten free!
Organic Breton Galettes
These organic patties are made with traditional organic ingredients according to a very old Breton recipe. Made in Bretagne (near the Atlantic Sea), they will exquisitely accompany tea or coffee.
Organic almond crunchy biscuits
Delicious crunchy almond biscuits in an organic version with spelt Provence flour. These Organic Almond Crunchers can be enjoyed at any time and especially for dessert, tea or coffee time.
Organic Madeleines
The Madeleine is a French traditional small sponge cake with a distinctive shell-like shape. In France, the Madeleine is often present during coffee break in companies or at home.
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat coconut shortbread cookies
When the coconut meets buckwheat, this unique marriage of flavors gives birth to a mini-cake sandblasted recognizable among all. An exotic and delicious biscuit. All cute, all round and delicious!
Organic spelt shortbread cookies
Spelt is an ancient whole grain, said to be more nutritious than modern grains. These crunchy and buttery shortbread cookies will give you the energy you need !
Organic Florentins almond and chocolate
Florentins are made up of a delicate nougatine of sliced almonds and candied fruits, with dark chocolate base. This chewy sweet is a typical French tea-time treat. Irresistible and so French !
Organic buckwheat lemon biscuits
Made from buckwheat, this lemon heart has conquered gourmands with its fresh flavor and crispness. Ideal with ice cream or sorbet. And always organic and gluten free!