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Organic tomato onion pasta
With some slices of raw ham and some nuts, or just a little grated Parmesan cheese, this pasta with tomato and onion will delight you!
US$ 7.50
Organic parsley garlic pasta
Finally pasta that tastes! The aromatic blend of parsley and garlic will sublimate your meats. A real treat ! Cooking time in water: 3 to 5 minutes
US$ 8.23
French Organic pasta
Organic ingredients, a very simple recipe: you can eat this pasta without moderation to give energy to your body.
US$ 7.17
Organic garlic pasta
Looking for pasta with taste? This traditional French recipe will meet your expectations. Add just a little grated cheese and Bon Appétit!
US$ 7.62
Boletus pasta
A classic of French gastronomy: pasta with boletus will seduce the most decerning palates.
US$ 9.86
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat pasta
A different color: this organic pasta will amaze you. Made from buckwheat, it is naturally gluten-free. This pasta is perfect with sautéed vegetables and soy sauce. Cooking time in water: about 4 min
US$ 8.23
Organic spelt and wheat pasta
Very digestible, this organic pasta can be enjoyed with a drizzle of olive oil or accompanied by a sauce. Its rough shape allows it to hang the sauces very well. Cooking time in water: 3 to 5 minutes
US$ 7.28
Organic small spelt pasta
Spelt is a hardy cereal with "complete proteins" which alone ensures the supply of all essential amino acids for humans. This organic spelt pasta is a source of well-being.
US$ 9.52
Colourful pasta
Simple and delicious: this colorful pasta will seduce young and old alike!
US$ 7.17
Organic tomato sweet basil pasta
This organic recipe with sun accents can be enjoyed with a simple drizzle of olive oil in a fresh pasta salad. Cooking time in water: 3 to 5 minutes
US$ 8.23
Nettle pasta
Incredible but delicious: this pasta with nettle is a real treat, alone or with a meat. The benefits of nettle have been known since ancient times
US$ 7.17