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Herbal teas
Herbal teas

Herbal teas

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Organic Spring herbal tea
In this organic herbal tea, the combination of plants with yellow fruit aromas gives a touch of originality and offers a fragrant and light herbal tea with a taste of spring.
Little Provence herbal tea
All Provence in this herbal tea with subtle and delicious flavors, where the acidulous and sweet fruits and hibiscus point their characters. An infusion that will please everyone with its balance.
Organic Summer herbal tea
Different in its sweet flavors generated by the mulberry leaf, but also in its natural aroma of exotic fruits, the organic "Estivale" infusion is both original and sweet.
Organic verbena mint linden herbal tea
This organic herbal tea is an infusion made from verbena, mint and linden. It can be hot or cold, it helps to relax and digest. Its delicate taste will give you a feeling of well being.
Organic Winter herbal tea 20 bags
Thanks to the combination of rosemary and thyme, this organic herbal tea will help you fight against diseases. Enjoy it with a little honey, it will be complete to face the winter and even more!
Organic linden herbal tea
For hundreds of years, people have used parts of the linden tree for medicinal purposes. Besides its medicinal uses, linden herbal tea is also known for its agreeable taste. And this one is organic!