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Burgerking Mastercard Guervian BurgerCard art reproduction
Another iconoclastic mix of the artist Guervian who plays with these brands known by all of us. The result: a very colorful and decorative poster that will attract everyone's eyes and attention.
US$ 280.00
Organic Substitute for salt mild flavour caster box
Farewell salt! mild flavour a mixture of spices and vegetables (parsley, tomato, carrot, parsnip, pumpkin seeds ...) to replace the hedonic effect of salt! A tasty substitute to reduce salt intake.
US$ 6.72
Organic verbena mint linden herbal tea
This organic herbal tea is an infusion made from verbena, mint and linden. It can be hot or cold, it helps to relax and digest. Its delicate taste will give you a feeling of well being.
US$ 10.86
Fine sea salt with organic vegetables
Perfect on eggs, rice or pasta, potatoes, grilled meats, fish or shrimps ... Your guests will love using this elegant French salt shaker.
US$ 6.94
Organic thin galettes from Bretagne
These organic thin patties are made with pure organic ingredients, made with the same recipe for centuries. Made in Bretagne (near the Atlantic Sea), they will exquisitely accompany tea or coffee.
US$ 6.72
Organic garlic pasta
Looking for pasta with taste? This traditional French recipe will meet your expectations. Add just a little grated cheese and Bon Appétit!
US$ 7.62
Abraham Lincoln Guervian HairLincoln art reproduction
In Guervian's Hair Portraits series, you will have recognized Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.
US$ 224.00
Organic Substitute for salt slightly acid flavour caster box
Farewell salt! slightly acid flavour is a mixture of vegetables for a pleasantly acidulous condiment which makes it possible to replace the effect taste and hedonic that gives the salt!
US$ 6.72
Organic buckwheat leek shortbread cookies
It is rare that one is passionate about the leek. It could change : this shortbread is addictive. Its subtle flavor leads to the heart of the vegetable garden for a gourmet and authentic aperitif
US$ 7.50
Organic Winter herbal tea 20 bags
Thanks to the combination of rosemary and thyme, this organic herbal tea will help you fight against diseases. Enjoy it with a little honey, it will be complete to face the winter and even more!
US$ 8.18
Organic orange blossom biscuits
Lightly sanded, these organic biscuits owe their delicate flavor to orange blossom. Quality ingredients give them a unique texture that will delight all gourmands. To enjoy at any time of the day!
US$ 7.62
Dried coarse salt for grinder
Dried coarse salt from Guérande for grinder. Guérande salt bears the "protected geographical origin" label awarded by the European Union: an undeniable guarantee of quality!
US$ 19.04
Boletus pasta
A classic of French gastronomy: pasta with boletus will seduce the most decerning palates.
US$ 9.86
Heineken Microsoft Guervian MicroKen art reproduction
Another mix of world famous brands that the artist Guervian offers us. You were looking for a decorative poster for your office? Do not search anymore.
US$ 280.00
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat cinnamon shortbread cookies
The cinnamon shortbread warms the taste buds with its delicately spicy flavor, reminiscent of Christmas sweets. Moreover, it is star-shaped. It's a crisp and authentic pleasure in any season.
US$ 7.50
Organic linden herbal tea
For hundreds of years, people have used parts of the linden tree for medicinal purposes. Besides its medicinal uses, linden herbal tea is also known for its agreeable taste. And this one is organic!
US$ 10.64
Organic garlic and fine herbs terrine
Spread this tasty garlic and fine herbs terrine on toast for your cocktail parties !
US$ 5.94
Tomato Espelette chili spice crunchy biscuits
These crunchy little tomato biscuits will seduce you at the time of the aperitif, or in a salad, with their whole almonds and their sunny flavors! Discover this original recipe typical of Provence!
US$ 6.50
Fine sea salt caster box
Fine sea salt from Guérande. Guérande salt bears the "protected geographical origin" label awarded by the European Union: an undeniable guarantee of quality!
US$ 8.96
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat pasta
A different color: this organic pasta will amaze you. Made from buckwheat, it is naturally gluten-free. This pasta is perfect with sautéed vegetables and soy sauce. Cooking time in water: about 4 min
US$ 8.23
Ernesto Che Guevara Guervian HairGuevara art reproduction
Here is the Hair Portrait of Che Guevara, iconic figure of the 20th century.
US$ 224.00
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat sesame and figs biscuits
This biscuit combines buckwheat with crispy sesame and the sweetness of figs for a little happiness as crisp as greedy. No added sugar, no egg, it is irresistible. And always organic and gluten free!
US$ 10.42
Organic Buckwheat small spelt crackers
Buckwheat, small spelt, this cracker combines crispness and lightness. You can use it for breakfast or surprise your friends as an aperitif by spreading tapenade on it, for example.
US$ 6.27
Organic eggplant caviar
Eggplant caviar is a traditional French dish made with finely chopped eggplants and extra virgin olive oil. Simply spread the tapenade on toast and enjoy it !
US$ 5.60
Number of products : 92