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Organic eucalyptus and illite soap bar
This organic soap has its benefits of green clay that purifies the skin. Also eucalyptus which in addition to its antiseptic properties exudes a sweet scent of freshness.
US$ 7.28
Organic cedar wood soap bar
Cedar Wood Soap is allergen-free and suitable for all skin types. The mixture of cocoa and cedar gives it an elegant and woody fragrance. Very relaxing, this soap is a concentrate of well-being.
US$ 7.28
Organic shampoo bar
Belice Bio Care Shampoo is a concentrate of natural benefits for your hair. Perfumed with essential oils of lemon and ylang ylang, it protects, softens and shines your hair.
US$ 8.96
Organic beard soap bar
Belice Organic Beard Soap is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Rich in organic avocado oil and organic castor oil, it nourishes your beard deeply. It is used for both shaving and shampooing.
US$ 7.62
Organic tomato onion pasta
With some slices of raw ham and some nuts, or just a little grated Parmesan cheese, this pasta with tomato and onion will delight you!
US$ 7.50
Discover France
Discover the French flavors thanks to this pack of authentic products: from Brittany to the Vosges, from Paris to Provence, this is France!
Starting from US$ 110.94
McDonalds Microsoft Guervian McDoSoft art reproduction
It is useless to quote you the commercial brands to which the artist Guervian refers. Once again, the viewer thinks he's identifying those brands he knows, but something is strange.
US$ 280.00
Organic Substitute for salt strong flavour caster box
Farewell salt! strong flavour is a mixture of spices and vegetables for a enhanced condiment that allows you to replace the hedonic effect of salt! A slightly spicy substitute to reduce salt intake.
US$ 6.72
Organic buckwheat cheese shortbread cookies
A delicious artisanal organic cheese blends perfectly with buckwheat and gives a delicious scent to these shortbreads. To savor with a glass of white wine (drink in moderation)! So French!
US$ 8.51
Little Provence herbal tea
All Provence in this herbal tea with subtle and delicious flavors, where the acidulous and sweet fruits and hibiscus point their characters. An infusion that will please everyone with its balance.
US$ 10.64
Organic green olive tapenade
Tapenade is a traditional dish of Provence made with finely chopped olives, capers and extra virgin olive oil. Simply spread the tapenade on toast, or use it to stuff grilled fish or to brush meats.
US$ 6.72
Refillable salt grinder
This elegant grinder comes filled with Sea Salt from Guérande, France. The whole family and your guests will love it! You can easily refill it with dried coarse salt sold on this website.
US$ 8.40
Organic parsley garlic pasta
Finally pasta that tastes! The aromatic blend of parsley and garlic will sublimate your meats. A real treat ! Cooking time in water: 3 to 5 minutes
US$ 8.23
Organic Breton Palets
This round crusty biscuit takes its name from a game that has been played in Bretagne for ages with small discs of stone or wood called "palets".
US$ 6.94
French Gourmet
Thanks to this assortment of authentic and delicious products, you will be able to taste the French gastronomy. Bon appétit!
Starting from US$ 103.05
Chaplin Guervian HairChaplin art reproduction
The very first hair portrait made by Guervian.
US$ 224.00
Organic mixture of parsley caster box
This "persillade" is a tasty recipe of herbs and spices to sprinkle to perfume your plate, your dishes and your preparations! A delicious blend of parsley and onion for an intense taste!
US$ 6.72
Organic Glutenfree buckwheat salted butter shortbread cookies
The simplest and perhaps the most delicious? It's up to you to judge by tasting these wonderful salted butter shortbread cookies. Just like that, just for fun. Organic and gluten free.
US$ 8.51
Organic Summer herbal tea
Different in its sweet flavors generated by the mulberry leaf, but also in its natural aroma of exotic fruits, the organic "Estivale" infusion is both original and sweet.
US$ 8.96
Organic artichoke and thyme rillettes
A smooth artichoke and thyme rillette that you can put on your toast with drinks to surprise your guests.
US$ 6.50
Organic goat cheese crunchy biscuits
These crunchy organic biscuits with Picodon (goat cheese) are a real treat. During your next cocktail party, surprise your friends by offering them this savory cracker with French flavors!
US$ 6.38
Flower of salt linen bag
Fleur de Sel is sea salt hand-raked and harvested in Guérande (West of France). Only the premium, top layer of the salt bed is used to make Fleur de Sel.
US$ 17.36
French Organic pasta
Organic ingredients, a very simple recipe: you can eat this pasta without moderation to give energy to your body.
US$ 7.17
Here is a pack of French products, healthy and natural, which will help you to get energy and well-being. Your health will be grateful.
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Number of products : 92