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Olive soap bar
Here is the famous and traditional Savon de Marseille (soap from Marseille) olive made according to the ancestral methods of Provence. A classic soap present in many French families.
Organic orange soap bar
This organic bitter orange and green clay solid soap will delight you with its fruity and incredibly fresh fragrance. Very appreciated by French women who love its perfume!
Organic Pure Nature soap bar
Only made from vegetable oils, and rich in olive oil and shea butter, Pure Nature organic soap is perfect for all skin types. Particularly recommended for: face, sensitive skin, baby skins.
Organic eucalyptus and illite soap bar
This organic soap has its benefits of green clay that purifies the skin. Also eucalyptus which in addition to its antiseptic properties exudes a sweet scent of freshness.
Organic cedar wood soap bar
Cedar Wood Soap is allergen-free and suitable for all skin types. The mixture of cocoa and cedar gives it an elegant and woody fragrance. Very relaxing, this soap is a concentrate of well-being.
Organic beard soap bar
Belice Organic Beard Soap is suitable for the most sensitive skin. Rich in organic avocado oil and organic castor oil, it nourishes your beard deeply. It is used for both shaving and shampooing.